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Trainee Barber

James is the Barber Pod’s trainee Barber. With a keen eye on fashion and the latest trends James already shows signs that he is going to be a great asset to the Barber Pod.

Educated at Nene Park he has spent the last few years playing football for Posh and St Neots. Always keen on Barbering James has decided to use his hands as well as his feet and we are glad he has chose us to start his career in this great trade.
His mature , friendly , outgoing personality shines through in abundance and is perfect for a Barber and the Barber Pod.
When he’s not playing football , he’s watching it. He also loves boxing although he’ll be staying outside the ring to keep his boy band looks.
James says “I’m looking forward to learning from Darren and the Barber Pod team. I cant wait to learn everything I can about clippering and shaving and all the latest techniques and then building up my own clientele and being part of the Barber Pod team”.

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